Lighting mcqueen

Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is a anthropomorphic race-car who appears as the main protagonist in the Disney-Pixar film Cars, its sequel Cars 2 and the short series Cars-Toons. He is voiced by both Owen Wilson and Keith Ferguson.

In the first film, He is a rookie racer, sponsored by the Rust-Eze company, who focuses on his goals to win the race and moves from En route to California, along with Mack, but ended up being detoured by The Delinquent Road Hazards and getting lost in Radiator Springs, where he meets Mater, Sally, Doc Hudson, and the rest of the crew. At the end, Mater, Doc, and the crew joins Lightning and Mack for their next races.

In the second film, Lightning and Mater became best friends, along with Sally and other crew from Radiator Springs, though he finds out that he misses Doc Hudson, who died between the first film and the second film. Then, he and his crew traveled to Tokyo for the World Grand Prix racing event, sponsored by Miles Axelrod (who promoted his bio-fuel company called Allinol). While Mater meets Finn McMissile, Lightning continues to race in the competition, but needed help to stop the Lemons, led by Professor Zündapp (or simply Professor Z). At the end, Lightning and his crew traveled back home to Radiator Springs.

He would become the official member of The Amity Park Adventure Team, making Lightning McQueen the only Disney and Pixar character to join that group.

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