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Danny Phantom's Adventures of Jungle 2 Jungle is an upcoming Danny Phantom crossover film planned to be created by ShrekRulez102. It will be shown on YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo in the near future.

Plot and premiseEdit

The Amity Park Adventure Team and The Baker Family Adventure Squad (along with The Eds, Tak and his friends) are having a nice reunion in New York City, where they meet Michael Cromwell for the first time. When Danny, Michael and the gang travel to the Amazonian Rainforest to meet Dr. Patricia Cromwell, the good guys discover that Michael has a 13-year old son named Mimi Siku. So, Michael, Danny and the gang take Mimi back to N.Y.C., and chaos ensues with hilarious results destroyed by Kimberlina's enemy Cree Anne Karamar (who will be working with Alexei Jovanovic and his thugs). Can Michael and friends get Mimi to adapt to city life, or will New York be turned upside down?